BETAFPV ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle

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  1. ツール(Tool)

BETAFPV ExpressLRS Recovery DongleはFCを介さずに直接PCから書き込みができます!


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Unbrick and recover the ELRS receiver when having a failed update such as the missing bootloader.

Soldering Free! It features spring probe pins for more convenient use. Connecting it with the ELRS receiver directly does not need to solder.

ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle FTDI USB to TTL module is covered by the case and is more durable and portable compared with the naked board version on the market.

Support many computer systems in the market like Windows, MAC, and Linux. This module uses a Type-C USB port for connecting the computer.


USB Interface: Type-C USB male connector

Operating Voltage: 5V.

Logic Voltage: 5V.

3.3V power supply output current: 400mA

Pins output method: 2*4P-2.54mm pin header

Serial baud rate: Up to 921600bps.

Support USB1.1, USB2.0

USB to Serial chip (CP2102) supports XP, win7 / win8 32bits, 64bits, win10 / 11 32bits, 64bits, Linux, MAC